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Bosphorus Breast - Live Surgery Course

What can plastic surgery achieve for you?

What is beauty?

Beauty is individual,
beauty is satisfaction with one’s own body.

“Mommy Makeover”

After having given birth, which generally puts a heavy strain on a woman’s body, women can regain their attractive looks in a single operation.

New approaches to
breast aesthetics

The breasts of a woman
are an essential attribute of her beauty.

Aesthetic preferences of

prospective brides and grooms


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The best cosmetic surgery leaves no traces. The task of the plastic surgeon is to correct physical features the individual perceives as imperfections.

The goal is to create an overall impression in which body, face and personality are harmoniously balanced.


Aesthetic preferences of prospective brides and grooms. On their wedding day, bride and groom want to look their best...

Dr. Yucel has numerous scientific articles and book chapters published in national and international journals and books.

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5th International Eurasian Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and ISAPS Course


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